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New Year Card – Midnight Celebration


Celebrate new beginnings with our hand-painted New Year card, adorned with vibrant fireworks and heartfelt wishes, perfect for sharing joy and prosperity.

Immerse yourself in the festive spirit with the “Midnight Celebration Hand-Painted New Year Card”, a masterfully crafted piece that captures the essence of the New Year’s eve. Each card is a unique creation, featuring intricate hand-painted designs that glow with the promise of the year to come. The front of the card showcases an exuberant display of fireworks against a starlit sky, while the silhouette of a person holding a sparkler adds a personal touch, evoking the joy of individual hopes and dreams. The card unfolds to reveal a heartfelt message, ensuring that your warm wishes for happiness and prosperity are felt deeply by friends and family. Made with high-quality paper and vibrant, non-fade watercolors, this card stands as a memorable keepsake that can be cherished throughout the year.


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